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Colour B4 on really dark brown/black dye

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SymphonyofShadows Fri 01-Apr-16 17:04:02

I've been reading some old threads on Colour B4 as I'd like to strip off all the dye from my hair to see just how grey I am. I've been colouring it for years but I now very definitely have 'white wings' at the temples and it loses colour and goes white at the nape of the neck in no time. The last time it wasn't coloured was when I was PG ten years ago, and it had quite a lot of grey in it then.

Ideally, if there is lots of grey/white I'd like to go quite a light blonde for easy maintenance but I don't know if this would be doable or if I'd just end up with a stripey orange mess. My natural colour is a sort of mid-brown and I have been told in the past by hairdressers that it's hard to lift when bleaching. Its about shoulder length as I've had about 3 inches cut off since the last dye, hopefully this will help as that would have been where most of the older dye was. Has anyone successfully used this product to go from very dark to quite light? Any advice would be great.

herecomesthsun Fri 01-Apr-16 20:23:14

I went from dark brown/black, via 2 or 3 applications of Colour B4 and the Louise Galvin colour stripper to badger.

However, I didn't like being taken for my DCs' gran.

So I asked around at hairdressers and ended up being dyed to 8.8 which is dark blonde (the lightest they would agree to). I have a few highlights also. I really like it, much less high maintenance re roots. I am pretty white underneath.

It is def not orangey and not brassy either.

I tried a lighter shade at a different salon one time, but it looked a tad washed out and greyer.

SymphonyofShadows Fri 01-Apr-16 20:55:13

Thanks. It's the old punk in me that quite fancies a platinum blonde and red lipstick but I doubt that it will never be that light. Weird as I was white blonde as a toddler. I'm reassured about the lack of orange so I'll give it a go.

herecomesthsun Sat 02-Apr-16 06:19:50

Yes, I fancied platinum to start with.

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