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Lost the plot with my style at 33 with three!

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Sheepsayoink Fri 01-Apr-16 17:03:31

I really don't know what to wear any more! I've had three babies in the last 5 years, the last one 5months ago, and aside from skinny jeans and oversized jumper for the school run I'm kind of stuck! Smart casual nights out in particular. I can do formal wear quite well - ie cocktail dresses, weddings etc - pencil dresses seem to be OK.

I'm 33 and feel I make frumpy clothes choices! I love a polo neck but my OH says they make me look even shorter...

Can anyone help? I'm 5'1", size 12 (should be an 8-10, grr!) And rectangular shaped - in that i have slim hips but a bigger waist. I like to wear skirts with thick black tights on a casual basis but can't find any so am still wearing a Jojo maternity a line one with a check through it... Any ideas? I need to move on!!!

Hi, best advice I got after having twins was a decent light jacket and sandals for summer, a decent coat and boots for winter. Get decent skinnies that fit you well, then you could wear the dress/tops with flats or with a bit of a heel if you want the height to spread you out more IYSWIM....i buy 90% of my wardrobe from the £1.99 barnardo charity shop, including work wear (nursery teacher). I get told I look nice a lot, I do not consider myself a stunnergrin I have just reached a point at 39 where I know what works. Any kind of exercise makes me feel more confident in my style of clothes. I go more preppy than sexy style wise. I aim for clean & classy, if it's not successful I am lucky because nobody has pointed it out yetgrin...

amarmai Mon 04-Apr-16 13:16:01

great price point. I want to go there. Op i love H&M for pick me ups.

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