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Help me get my light but yellowy blonde hair to grey/silver/cool toned ?

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Chicinwellies Thu 31-Mar-16 22:30:19

I've tried every purple shampoo under the sun, Bleach Silver Shampoo being the best, but it lasts one wash, and tbh just looks pink if used more than once every few weeks, my hair is naturally blonde aka straw yellow but is also highlighted.... Its in 'relatively' good condition, is regularly trimmed.

EatShitDerek Thu 31-Mar-16 22:31:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TVC15 Thu 31-Mar-16 22:35:06

Yeah as Derek says, you need to tone it. L'oreal ash toner (can't remember the official name) is the best.

Also, out of the numerous silver shampoos I've tried, the Bleach London one was the worst. Lush Daddy-O is the best imo. Clairol Shimmerlights a close second (you'll need to order online). Schwarzkopf Bonacure also really good.

Chicinwellies Thu 31-Mar-16 23:30:34

Wow thank you. I've tried so many purple shampoos and bleach silver has been good for me but not incredible, I'll give lush a go and look up the loreal toner?

APotterWithAHappyAtmosphere Thu 31-Mar-16 23:33:47

I have used this before with good results.

MamaLazarou Fri 01-Apr-16 10:28:22

This stuff is the absolute bomb for toning orange out of blonde hair.

They do a shampoo as well, but I haven't tried it. I have curly hair so use the conditioner as a co-wash.

A toner would have a longer-lasting effect but I would proceed with extreme caution as I recently ruined my hair trying to tone it at home and had to go to the salon to have it corrected!

happy2bhomely Fri 01-Apr-16 10:44:57

Wella colour fresh is brilliant. I'm a natural blonde with lightened hair. It takes all the yellow out and leaves a lovely beige/ash blonde behind. I didn't find the lush one any good at all. The Schwarzkopf ash mouse toner is pretty good too.

EatShitDerek Fri 01-Apr-16 10:46:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DameXanaduBramble Fri 01-Apr-16 10:55:07

The loreal colour corrector blonde conditioner is the only one that works for me. It's bright blue but hang in there, it's good stuff.

Chicinwellies Fri 01-Apr-16 11:39:31

Ideal, thank you all so much. Will look at them all!

Chicinwellies Fri 01-Apr-16 12:54:46

happy2bhomely what colour do you recommend - gives me lots of options on your link x

happy2bhomely Fri 01-Apr-16 15:51:12

I like the light pearl ash blonde. Don't leave it on too long though because it is very ashy and can be flat looking. I sometimes add some to my shampoo and use it like that so it builds up gradually. I also use the one in the yellow box, in light blonde or medium blonde depending on the time of year.

MaliksMalik Fri 01-Apr-16 16:12:55

Fudge violet shampoo/conditioner.

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