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Smartish work jacket help!

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CallMeMousie Thu 31-Mar-16 20:58:25

I'm starting back at work after my second maternity leave and going straight to a conference next week. I used to go to a lot and have a couple of lovely Hobbs suits but (shamefully) I can't fit back in them yet and I'm feeling a bit clueless. I've got a couple of me&em ruched jersey dresses which I think would be OK (dark grey and navy) but I need some kind of jacket to wear over them both to smarten them up and to hide my saggy baby belly.

Any thoughts on what kind of jacket I should get? Do people still wear jersey blazers? Feels like I've lost my way a bit on the work clothes front and I need to rediscover myself!

fiorentina Thu 31-Mar-16 21:04:45

I wear blazer jackets or shorter buttonless round necked ones. I haven't worn jersey jackets to work but there are some in Whistles, Uniqlo and Jigsaw I've sent recently if that helps.

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