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Boots Advantage Card - Tips and Tricks?

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Aramynta Thu 31-Mar-16 10:10:49

I am a bit of a points novice. It was only a couple of years or so ago I started handing over my card when buying stuff and then spending the points on hair dye or nappies/baby milk when I needed it.

Now though I hear there are all sorts of things you can do to boost points and get things half price.

Would anyone like a thread to share their tips? I know a few of us on [[ The Transform Yourself]] thread are buying beauty products to add to our daily routines - this could help us save a bit of money while we do!

Plus, I'm clueless and don't know where to start smile

SwimInTea Thu 31-Mar-16 11:03:54

Do you have the Boots app? I find it really useful to stack up on points. The app shows you what offers are available and you can load the offers on to your advantage card! Previously Boots used to send me all their Advantage card vouchers by post and I had to carry them around and remember to use them when shopping in Boots. But now with the app, I just load all the offers and vouchers on to my card and they get used up when I present my card at the till.

I just checked the app and it is showing me 5 new offers - 100 points when you buy 2 or more haircare products, triple points when you buy footcare etc.

HTH smile

ThomasHardyPerennial Thu 31-Mar-16 17:37:01

I get the coupons in the post, and also use the app (have noticed sometimes the offers are different). I'm not sure if you need to register online to get this, but they give you double points for your birthday month. You can stack coupons with the birthday offer as well, so you can end up with loads of points (last birthday month I got nearly £10 worth of points on a £40something spend).

I usually stock up on things during points events. They don't advertise them much before they happen though, which is annoying.

I try not to spend much in there if I don't have a coupon/offer to use.

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