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I am in love with yellow! Could you help me find some accessories?

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JemimaMuddledUp Thu 31-Mar-16 09:54:15

After being slightly scared of wearing yellow, I have braved it and realised that it looks fab. I have bought a couple of items of yellow knitwear and they really brighten up an otherwise boring outfit.

What I would like to find now though is a yellow statement necklace and a yellow scarf. Has anyone seen any lovely ones? Links appreciated, I will probably have to shop online as I live in the back of beyond in a rural area.

Thanks in advance!

AstrantiaMallow Thu 31-Mar-16 10:38:24

Are you looking for bright or soft yellow? Also depends on budget ...

Bimba y Lola have scarves with yellow on them - nice and bright.
for example, but there are lots more on their site.

For a full yellow look

Bandana scarf

JemimaMuddledUp Thu 31-Mar-16 11:24:21

Love the greek vase scarf, but I don't think my budget will stretch that far! Thinking more along the lines of up to £25 for scarves and the same for necklaces.

Looking for a fairly bright yellow, not quite neon but definitely not lemon or mustard.

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