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this might have been done on here before BUT... at-home laser-type hair removal gadgets?

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DuchessOfWeaseltown Wed 30-Mar-16 22:53:35

Any of them worth the £££££?

Am happy (enough) to fork out for something if it actually works (and, more importantly, doesn't actually make my hairiness worse - which is my worst nightmare!!)

But are any of the newest gadgets good?

I have very pale skin and dark hair, so am a good candiadte for laser. I have had it done professionally on my legs and it was really pretty successful.

My face is the issue blush I have had professional laser on my upper lip/chin and it is pretty successful up to a point but as I get older (40!) it feels like a losing battle!! Chin hair in particular! Pro treatment helps make the bristly dark hairs much finer and come back slower, but they do still come back!!

Can't afford either time or money to go for pro laser treatment as regularly as I would need to if I wanted to remain less obviously hairy for longer, so am thinking of an at-home gadget.

I worry slightly about the need to shave before using them as NOT keen on shaving face though tbf they have done a v v light shave of tiny patches before my laser treatment and it hasn't made it worse.

I also worry about any burn/over pigmentation on face area. It's partly why I have paid for quite an expensive profesisonal place for my face (less so for my legs) as I don't want to risk damage in such an obvious area!

So, are any of the gadgets sufficiently safe/effective to make it worth buying one?


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