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Aldi Lacura Caviar cream

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ephemeralfairy Wed 30-Mar-16 19:57:42

Got my hands on some yesterday after looking for it in vain for ages. It smells lovely and feels really nice and cooling on my skin.
Anyone else used it? Worth the hype?

WontLetThoseRobotsDefeatMe Wed 30-Mar-16 20:00:26

I've been using it about a month - love it! Has been especially brilliant at soothing dry skin after some very wind blown days outdoors!

GlitteryShoes Wed 30-Mar-16 20:02:30

It's great on my skin but the day cream seems to make my eyes sore so I am having to use it as hand cream sad

andadietcoke Wed 30-Mar-16 20:08:28

I get stingy eyes from it too!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 30-Mar-16 21:01:44

I haven't used the Caviar one but any Aldi cream makes my eyes stream sad.

I buy them try them then remeber why they don't work for me and they get relagated to neck cream.

nickdrakeslovechild Wed 30-Mar-16 21:18:37

I was so excited to try them, but I don't like them so gave them to MIL.

Didn't like the feel of them on my face and yes yes yes to the eye stinging! I have really sensitive skin and use either Astral, blue pot Nivea or Aveeno. I need to remember this and not vary!

ephemeralfairy Wed 30-Mar-16 21:21:19

I got some in my eye last night and it did sting a bit, but i usually use a separate eye cream so am hoping it won't be an ongoing problem.

Laidupwithabrokenleg Wed 30-Mar-16 21:36:30

I'm using it at the moment and like it. I have fairly sensitive skin and not had any problems. Had the red/silver Aldi cream in the past and wouldn't say it was any difference thouugh. I've used many high end skin creams over the years and don't think there's much to choose between these and Aldi, it's whatever suits you best

andadietcoke Wed 30-Mar-16 22:26:44

Glad it's not just me. Will maybe try again and give the eye area a wide berth

NNalreadyinuse Wed 30-Mar-16 22:41:32

It made the skin below my eyebrows all red and scaly. It's fine on the rest of my face though and I now use a separate eye cream and it is fine. I wouldn't say it is any better than the astral I also sometimes use though.

Itscurtainsforyou Thu 31-Mar-16 00:02:10

I really like it. Not managed to find a moisturiser that suits me for ages, but this does.

Annarose2014 Thu 31-Mar-16 00:09:11

No probs with eye stinging here and I wear contacts and am occasionally prone to it with products. But no, thats been fine.

I like it as its nourishing and seems to act well under make up. But it doesnt make me look especially better tbh. It doesnt give radiance or anything. So I'm a bit meh.

Annarose2014 Thu 31-Mar-16 00:10:34

I honestly dont think its any different to Nivea Soft except its got spf 15.

ephemeralfairy Thu 31-Mar-16 09:12:33

hmm, mixed reviews! Ah well, at least it was only £6.99!

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