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Dress style to cover a baby belly

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Zombiemama Wed 30-Mar-16 12:33:00

I'm hoping someone can point me in the direction of a style of dress to disguise my after baby belly where I still look about 5 months gone!!

I'm after something above the knee preferably with a sleeve I will invest in good pull in pants also. I just don't know where to start to look. I'm about 5 ft 4 with decent legs and bust lol

RockinHippy Wed 30-Mar-16 12:39:06

Go 50s or 40s, it sounds like it would suit your shape well

Vivienne of Holoway, Hell Bunny & lots more labels to chose from

Zombiemama Wed 30-Mar-16 16:41:41

Thank you I'll have a Google see what it throws at me for 40s and 50s styles

Try Whistles. I bought one of their bodycon dresses recently and have been asked if I've lost weight both times I've worn it so far. Personally I dislike the Vivienne of Holloway look.

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