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Where would I buy driving shoes?

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carthorsespullcarts Wed 30-Mar-16 07:54:43

I need something comfy and vaguely stylish to wear with slim trousers, mostly for traveling and walking.
I've got big, thin feet. Any ideas where to look? My budget doesn't stretch to Tods.

Nibbl3s Wed 30-Mar-16 10:18:46

My go to comfy shoes are converse! you could try vans, toms or a pair of comfortable Chelsea boots?

BlairWaldorfLovesShopping Wed 30-Mar-16 10:26:27

They usually have some at Massimo Dutti. They were too narrow for my feet so may be a good fit for you!
Like these or these?

carthorsespullcarts Wed 30-Mar-16 11:24:01

Than you. Both the pairs you linked to are perfect Blair, now I can't decide between them. Which would be better for the spring?

carthorsespullcarts Wed 30-Mar-16 13:27:37

I've ordered the tan suede fringed ones.

BlairWaldorfLovesShopping Wed 30-Mar-16 14:11:19

Lovely, hope they're keepers!

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