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Big Deal Interview - style me please!

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stinkingbishop Tue 29-Mar-16 08:08:08

Interview for the clinical psychology doctorate (this won't out me, as I think there are about 1000 of us round the country doing it!) Normal interview, plus some role play (yegads) so probably not vertiginous shoes.

Issue is I am doing this as a mature student in my 40s, second career thing. So I just don't have the wardrobe for it. I've either got uber glam from old job, which I can't get into anyway anymore, and just wouldn't be suitable as it's too 'look at me', or very casual. I am thinking, in terms of a brief, it's smart, but not intimidatingly so, with a sort of warmth to it, but without being hippie. Clever, confident but caring. And memorable, but not for being weird. IYKWIM.

I have 2 months to nail this. Size 10/12, 5' 4", reddish long hair.

Help me! It obviously doesn't concern me at all, you know, my ability actually to DO my clinical training given my total inability to decide what to effin' wear wink.

stinkingbishop Tue 29-Mar-16 12:31:48


JamNan Tue 29-Mar-16 13:54:26

Keep it very simple with smart classics. Do you think Jaeger might float your boat?

Tailored trousers and a smart silky long shirt or knitted linen T-shirt. The prices are only marginally more than some at M&S.

something like this?

Go for soft comfortable pumps not the scary high heels the model is wearing in the pics especially if you are doing role play.

Sell all the old clobber that doesn't fit you or suit any more and go and treat yourself to a new capsule wardrobe. grin

stinkingbishop Tue 29-Mar-16 15:46:45

Thank you. They're actually rather nice. And have a flick through the rest of the site and surprised/depressed myself...I am now officially old enough to like Jaeger!!!!!!
Elegant but practical - that's 40something me!!

Turbinaria Tue 29-Mar-16 20:37:47

A few of the clinical psychologists I work with have quite a quirky sense of style and it reflects their personalities. I suggest classic with a twist. Add something to make the interviewers remember you e.g as from what my colleagues were saying the posts are super competitive
add these shoes to a plain black/ grey outfit

stinkingbishop Tue 29-Mar-16 21:23:16

Those are EXCELLENT shoes. Yes, I think maybe those with a black suit and some sort of swishy top. Thank you!

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