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come and give me a makeover!

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differentkindofpenguin Mon 28-Mar-16 19:56:37

In desperate need of new clothes, lost a bit of weight recently, but my shape is so hard to shop for, I dread going shopping! I live in skinny jeans and t shirts/ baggy jumpers, I'm bored! I've never been great with style or fashion, I'm 33 and fed up of being a giant frump!

So I'm a size 8/10, short legs, used to have big boobs but pretty saggy now. Bit of loose skin around my belly too. Can't wear heels.

Any advice gratefully received!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 28-Mar-16 20:09:25

Start with underwear.
Your shape will have changed with the weightloss (congrats smile ) but if you don't get the foundations right, nothing else will look 'fitted'

Book a fitting (Bravissimo or similar) get some good bra advice,
Some shapewear pants (longer /big pants for your belly)

Some nice rich bodycream to keep the skin supple.

Then work out what you need in your wardrobe. No point giving you all dresses and skirts to look at if your lifestyle isn't dresses.

Hair- maybe a hair makeover?

Do you wear make-up?

differentkindofpenguin Mon 28-Mar-16 20:14:39

Thank you! I love skirts and dresses, but short legs and no heels aren't a good look sad I wear a uniform for work so it's nice to get dressed in a day off

My hair is mid length, dyed reddy/ plum colour. I like the colour but not great at styling.

Wear a little make up about half the time

Oh and I'm 5ft 5 btw

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