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Best sunscreen for combination/oily skin?

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flippinada Mon 28-Mar-16 19:53:12

I have super pale freckly skin which is is also combination - oily. So I need something that won't turn me into a greaseball and has a decent amount of protection.

Does such a thing exist? Very grateful for any ideas/suggestions.

flippinada Mon 28-Mar-16 20:35:15

Bumping - anyone?

CorkyBark Mon 28-Mar-16 20:57:53

I love this one. It's slightly tinted and for me totally blocks oily shine. I've been using it for a couple of years and swear by it but you could try a sample - think PC send them quite freely.

flippinada Mon 28-Mar-16 21:04:01

Lovely, thanks Corky - I'll check that out.

Wellhellothere1 Mon 28-Mar-16 23:15:36

I have oily skin and I use La Roche Posey anthelios XL spf 50 ultra light fluid. I like it. It feels like a primer under my make up and doesn't cause shine at all.

LagoDiComo Mon 28-Mar-16 23:22:12

I use Alpha H Daily Essential Moisturiser, sinks in really well. I have very oily skin.

flippinada Tue 29-Mar-16 07:48:27

Thank you, this is really helpful!

cressetmama Tue 29-Mar-16 16:23:35

Biore Watery Essence, from Amazon. It is great and completely sheer, but based on an alcohol so it won't add to shine, and cheap. Buy it now as it sells out across Asia before the end of summer.

JohnCheese Tue 29-Mar-16 16:53:11

I've mentioned this one on another thread, worth mentioning again. Until v recently, I was an oil slick. I used to use the LRP one as the best of a bad lot for oily skin but I think this Neostrata one is definitely better. Excellent sun protection too.

flippinada Tue 29-Mar-16 18:06:40

These are great, thank you for all the suggestions! I didn't realise there was so much choice and there's a few here I've never heard of. The watery essence sounds very appealing - is that quite light?

flippinada Tue 29-Mar-16 18:08:07

My experience of high factor sun protection is that it's quite gloopy and heavy - which is not good for me. These all sound promising.

DessertOrDesert Tue 29-Mar-16 18:10:55

Simple SFP 30 for me.
Anyone know a body sunscreen with good texture (and not tooo ££££ it needs to be used aprox 300 days a year)

LuckySantangelo1 Tue 29-Mar-16 18:14:23

I use Clinique city block oil free. I have extremely oil slick skin & this product is great at not sliding off

cressetmama Tue 29-Mar-16 19:24:35

The Biore Watery Essence is very light, yet delivers SPF 50. I tried to replace mine in Singapore last August and was told it was sold out from the factory. I did tan, very gently, using it every day for six weeks in the tropics, but I am not Celtic colouration. It is highly rated by others too.

flippinada Tue 29-Mar-16 23:01:38

cresset that sounds perfect for me. I'll order one and let you know how I get on!

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