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Wearing skirts in summer

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pussinboots61 Mon 28-Mar-16 11:45:43

In autumn and and winter I wear for work either standard type trousers and a jumper or cardie or mini skirts with thick tights, outside of work I wear mini skirts and thick tights with dressier tops or leggings and dresses or jeans.

In the late spring and summer I can't stand anything on my legs apart from linen trousers but I prefer to wear skirts. I hate wearing tights but I no longer feel mini skirts with bare legs suit me now I'm over fifty yet I feel frumpy in longer skirts though they are ideal with bare legs.

Any ideas please.

RhombusRiley Mon 28-Mar-16 13:42:50

I'm 46 and pear shaped, and I don't really feel comfortable with bare legs, but I love skirts and dresses. In summer I sometimes wear a knee-length dress, one that just covers the (knobbly) knees, but more often a maxi skirt or dress. I agree a calf length skirt can be frumpy but I don't think maxis are, proper ones that go right to your ankles. Wear with chunky/modern and non-frumpy sandals and painted toenails. One of my favourite summer looks is a simple plain black maxi with t-shirt style sleeves or sleeveless - I've got things like this from Hush, Boden, Superdry, a range of places. Looks simple and stylish, you can dress up with colourful sandals/bag/shades/necklace, and it's very easy to throw on and go.

Floisme Mon 28-Mar-16 14:53:41

I keep my knees under wraps these days too and I've found a longer length calls for a different shape. If I just wear a longer version of a mini then it does feel frumpy but t think calf length looks right with a fuller skirt e.g. this kind of thing:

I know it looks shorter on the model but she's 5'11! - it's calf length on me and I love it.

I also like a very fitted pencil or heavy duty tube skirt that ends immediately below the knee.

I'm sure there are other shapes that work with a longer length - I'm still experimenting.

Greengardenpixie Mon 28-Mar-16 15:04:00

I am 48 and am the same. I love a short mini type skirt with thick tights but when it comes to summer, I just feel uncomfortable. My legs aren't bad age wise, its just because of babies I have stretch marks and fine thread veins. I have tried the cover up for bare legs, think its sally Hansen but it looked quite orangey. Even still, I wouldn't wear my skirts as short as I do in winter. I tend to keep to knee length skirts. If I go for calf length I wear chunky shoes so it make it look funky. I love a long skirt and wear funky sandals too and a short sleeved tee and a nice chunky necklace. It doesn't look frumpy.

DamsonInDistress Mon 28-Mar-16 16:49:25

I'm early 40's but think that nicely moisturised bare legs with a hint of self tan or fake tan are perfectly fine at any age. I'm no model looker either! Whilst I wouldn't go for a true mini skirt, two inches above the knee looks great on most people to me.

I was admiring that Whistles skirt in town today. It is really lovely.

Floisme Mon 28-Mar-16 19:17:20

I've tried it on a few times, Remus and I love it. I've held back cos, apart from the zip, it's very similar to one I got in H&M about a year ago. And black isn't even my colour. I'm a bit obsessed with it though....

PollyPerky Mon 28-Mar-16 19:37:43

I'm over 50 and wear skirts with no tights but I do need fake tan of some kind on my legs as I've a few light thread veins on one calf. I've good legs even though I say so, and wear skirts that come mid-knee to around 2 inches above, always with flat shoes and sometimes Superga etc.

It would be lovely with a stripey t-shirt, or a white cami and little red cardigan in a Minnie Mouse-esque manner.

RhombusRiley Mon 28-Mar-16 20:05:18

And perhaps these Minnie mouse birkenstocks smile

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