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Skincare and foundation oily skin

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Zombiemama Sun 27-Mar-16 23:22:33

Looking for recommendations for a long lasting foundation for oily skin. My make up just seems to slide off my face at some point throughout the day. Iv changed my brand a few times in the last year so wondering if it's my skincare routine.

Also any products for washing cleansing and moisturising my skin that might help me achieve a flawless make up look for more than 3 hours at a time.


Wellhellothere1 Mon 28-Mar-16 07:44:48

My skin was exactly the same as yours until I made a few adjustments to my routine. My make up now stays on all day and some days I don't even need to pat my nose with powder!! Before my make up slid off after about an hour.
Anyway I started following Caroline Hirons' skincare regime for oily, acne prone skin and this has made a massive difference. Numerous threads on here about it. But if you don't know about her just look up her cheat sheets on her website on acne. So the biggest difference from a skincare point of view is double cleanse (with Cetaphil or no 7 cleanser).
Acid toners made a huge difference. I use nip and fab pads. Glycolic acid in the morning and salicylic acid at night.
La Roche posay serozinc spray is amazing. Spray this on over acid toner in the morning and it really mattifies your face.
I stopped using a daytime moisturiser and now just use a primer to stop foundation sinking into my face. I use a Rimmel stay matte primer. I don't need moisturiser during the day!
Finally switched from Bobbi Brown oil free foundation to Collection lasting perfection foundation which is marketed to last 16 hours. Amazing product and very cheap.

Zombiemama Mon 28-Mar-16 08:55:57

Fantastic thank you Well Hello I have plenty of phone screen shots of products prices and where to get them.

Do you use a moisturiser at night time? Also do you find how you apply your foundation helps it stay on?

Wellhellothere1 Mon 28-Mar-16 12:46:38

I use Cerave PM moisturiser at night. It's from the US but available on Amazon. It's marketed for dry skin but it's oil free and feels nice and light and is full of lovely anti ageing goodies.
I always put foundation on with my fingers as I feel it looks caked on with a brush but maybe someone else could advise that has more knowledge than me!

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