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Dry skin, shower gel and no time for body lotion?

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Notagainmun Sun 27-Mar-16 18:56:20

I am 46 and my skin is looking very dry. I would like recommendations on a good shower gel or oil that moisturizers so that I don't have to use a body lotion too. Thank you.

simonettavespucci Sun 27-Mar-16 19:12:06

I think there's a nivea one designed for exactly that.

simonettavespucci Sun 27-Mar-16 19:12:35

botemp Sun 27-Mar-16 21:10:42

It's been awhile since I used it but Kiehl's CREME DE CORPS NURTURING BODY WASHING CREAM was very nourishing with no need for body lotion after. Currently I use &other stories Cotton Care Madapollam Body Scrub which leaves skin softer than ever (makes touching your skin rather addictive blush), though the body lotion (Cotton Care Flannel) from that range is great too and it's all relatively cheap. They have a Cotton Care Shower Cream too that's supposed to be moisturising but I personally never tried it but have liked everything else I tried from that Cotton Care range.

HeyMacWey Sun 27-Mar-16 23:11:14

Try l'occitane almond shower oil - it'll do the trick.

TimeToMuskUp Sun 27-Mar-16 23:15:12

Nuxe showel gel is very good for dry skin; I have those horribly flaky bits on my knees and elbows through winter and it really helps.

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