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plus size, that doesn't look plus size? (or frumpy!)

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bonnie1981 Sun 27-Mar-16 15:26:57

Help, I'm trying to find a plus size range that I actually like. I'm a size 18.

I do try standard size 18 but find it too tight but the size 20s are too big, I'm not quite a size 20 yet (trying to diet but obviously need clothes in the meantime!)

Many of the plus size ranges I try are either too big or too frumpy looking.

I like new look inspire for their tops but not their trousers. I quite like yours clothing for trousers but struggling for jeans.

I'm also struggling to find somewhere good for work tops, that makes me look professional and not twice my age

ASOS trousers are too baggy at the crotch and overall ASOS is too expensive. Yours Clothing whilst good for trousers are rubbish for tops that aren't mumsy. Evans is mumsy also.

Boohoo and forever 21 are just a bit too young I think (I am mid 30s). Pink Clove seems quite limited and not cheap. Same for studio 8.

Dorothy Perkins is great for standard clothing which I am not anymore, but their plus size range should be renamed skinny size range - my size 8 sister fits perfectly into their size 18 plus size trousers - what's that all about?? (yes I did double check the label!)

Has anyone got good recommendations for places I might not have tried that isn't ridiculously expensive?

MrsSchadenfreude Sun 27-Mar-16 16:19:34

I would avoid plus size ranges if at all possible. With few exceptions they are frumpy, unflattering and use too much polyester.

jellyjiggles Sun 27-Mar-16 16:40:10

You don't need plus size if your an 18! Avoid! It's square, overpriced and the material tends to be awful. Make sure you buy clothes that flatter your shape and aren't clingy. Get good underwear! Really good underwear makes a huge difference. Chose your colours carefully.

I find clothes that cost more fit better as I get older (late 30's).

Allice Sun 27-Mar-16 16:54:41

I'm an 18/20 I buy lots from joules which is quite generous size wise but expensive. I buy odd bits from next, boden and sainsburys

Fairylea Sun 27-Mar-16 17:01:25

I am a size 16-18 and I wouldn't think of buying from a plus size shop; their clothes tend to be cut very differently from the norm and can make you look a lot bigger if you're not careful! I buy jeans from sainsburys (!) and Next and size up a lot in primark to buy stuff that is more easily layered - I will go for their size 20-22 (often hard to find!) so it hands really well. I find lots of stuff I like in H and M and in the main section in New look online (they seem to sell out of 18s in the shop all the time). I also find the occasional thing I like in m and s but you have to be ruthless! Generally I just think there are no rules, you just have to have a good try on and browse a lot. Cut is everything when you reach a 14 and over.

MamaLazarou Sun 27-Mar-16 17:01:46

I love the ASOS plus size range. I'm surprised that you say it's too expensive. I bought a gorgeous dress from there last week for £15! They also have stuff that you don't normally find in other plus size ranges: playsuits, hotpants, etc.

PlaymobilPirate Sun 27-Mar-16 17:06:41

Watching with interest - I'm a 16. Normal shops are fine but I have trouble finding stuff long enough to contain my boobs (34hh) and horrible big tummy overhang so have been looking at Evans etc recently. Never actually ordered anything though

polyhymnia Sun 27-Mar-16 17:12:02

Agree with others - avoid 'special' plus size ranges at all costs. Vast majority are frumpy, dreadful, and cheap and nasty looking. I'm not a fan of supermarket ranges either.
If you're an 18, there are plenty of 'standard' ranges to choose from, so shouldn't be a problem. I'm bigger than you, but get most of my basics from Boden - carefully chosen to avoid their 'fun' styles! Lots of hit and miss on sizing and fit and many get returned, but their returns system is excellent in any case, and I always buy at 20% off, plus free postage and returns. Find the quality generally good and am often asked where I got particular items.

I get my jeans from NYDJ - ££, but worth it, I think.

Flutterworc Sun 27-Mar-16 17:21:36

I love Monsoon who go up to a 22 - particularly worth a look in the sale as they have amazing bargains.

GertyTheGert Sun 27-Mar-16 17:28:59

Hi, I agree with the others - don't necessarily go for Plus sizes! I'm size 18, 5ft8, big belly but find River Island have some fab things which FITS! Obvsly not bodycon stuff but they have other fab stuff & I notice size 18 whizzes out quickly, so its not just me finds them good! Another blogger (whom I can't find now - typical!) mentioned Cos and I had a quick look on line and they do a nice couple of items too!

ggirl Sun 27-Mar-16 18:01:41

Phase Eight
all generously sized

AgainstTheGlock Sun 27-Mar-16 18:45:09

Come on, be realistic - there's not a single range in the entire world in any size range in which each and every piece will appeal.

Do what the rest of us do, pick and choose the bits you like.

And make sure you know the difference between fashion and style - absolutely paramount at this size.

WantFriesWithThat Sun 27-Mar-16 18:47:21

If like me you carry your weight on your tummy then simply be high waisted jeans are great!

ShinyShinyShiny Sun 27-Mar-16 18:53:20

How about:

Banana Republic
Finery (some pieces come in an 18, not all)
Warehouse (again, some pieces available in 18)

hiccupgirl Sun 27-Mar-16 19:15:35

16-18 and early 40s here.

I mainly buy from Next, M&S (very selectively!), H&M, Sainsburys, DPs, Boden (20% off etc) and Fat Face in the sale.

I used to be a size 22-24 and had to buy stuff from places like Evans etc. Since losing weight plus size ranges don't fit me in an 18 because they are too baggy and loose and generally just look wrong.

wonderpants Sun 27-Mar-16 20:42:46

Sainsburys fit quite well! And currently 25% off. I find ordering online is better than trying to dig out the bigger sizes and then returning anything you don't want to store is easy!

gBean Sun 27-Mar-16 20:48:20

Primark for jeans - I find their fit better than anyone. Asos isn't expensive - I buy s lot of tops from there.

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