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Comfortable but smart for curvy women...

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stumblymonkey Sun 27-Mar-16 10:58:19

Inspired by another current thread which has some decent ideas but which don't necessarily suit my body shape.

I'm 5'6", a size 18 and with enormous norks 38GG bra size.

I've put weight on quite suddenly - I used to have quite a smart feminine style of mainly quite fitted dresses but now I feel self conscious in them as I feel they draw attention to my quite big stomach.

My default choice is now black leggings or jeggings and some kind of longish top with flats. It's a bit hum drum.

Any ideas of what would suit me to look a bit smarter or more stylish?

I started another thread as things on the original thread like jackets look quite out of place on my frame due to the aforementioned enormous norks bra size....

LaurieFairyCake Sun 27-Mar-16 11:10:55

My default choice is the same - leggings and tunic or short dress. I 'joozsh' it up though with nice jewellery and scarves.

I like to be comfy and have 34 J boobs hmm

I have about 50 scarves.

TheFallenMadonna Sun 27-Mar-16 11:15:29

For work I tend to wear pencil skirts and crew neck fitted cardigans instead of a jacket (more flattering for large breasts I think), or a fitted dress and a cardigan. My stomach isn't flat (at all!) but loose tops, whilst covering the stomach, make my overall silhouette bigger...

LadyPriggsbottom Sun 27-Mar-16 11:27:45

I am a SAHM so don't have to wear office gear or anything like that but I do like to look smart.

I tend to wear a lot of jeans with boots or brogues, ballet pumps (if I'm not planning on walking anywhere far) or green Vans when I feel like being a bit more casual. Top half is usually a shortish, open-front, navy blazer from LK Bennett (part of a suit from pre SAHM days), waterfall cardi or 'grandad' cardi with a long top / t-shirt. I also have a long denim skirt, a red a-line skirt a black skater skirt and loads of dresses.

I am 5'8, size 16 in dresses and bottoms, 14 in tops, large of nork (34F) with a tummy. I suit fit and flare dresses, tea dresses and empire line maxis. The last dress I bought was from Lindybop and would recommend.

OurBlanche Sun 27-Mar-16 11:46:51

I am a very similar build, OP. I have rifled charity shops for all sorts of 'recommended' dress shapes, skirts etc. I have now discarded wrap dresses... they really are not the 'perfect fix for fuller busts'.

I have settled for pencil skirts, blouses/jackets with a peplum type bottom; straightish dresses, above the knee that I wear with jackets, cardigans. I also have knee length tan boots, worn over thick tights/leggings. In summer I will switch to the (dreaded) short leggings and comfortable shoes.

I can heartily recommend charity shopping when looking for something that suits. I now have a bit of a routine with charity and frock exchanges. I buy in one town, try them out and then take those I don't want to another town to sell on. DH and friends are now well trained to giving me a yes/no answer.

Just as well as I am trying to look smart/casual for starting my own business smile

stumblymonkey Sun 27-Mar-16 12:31:28

I need to do some Pinteresting I think.

I'm annoyed as before I put weight on I had a 'style' which was classic, feminine and very me.

I really feel like I need to get a bit of that back while I'm trying to lose the weight instead of hiding in leggings and oversized Breton striped jumpers which is becoming a sort of boring uniform!

I'm also starting to go grey at 33 hmm so am going to have some highlights to try and mask it a little.

Am ALL over charity shopping and eBay at the moment. I used to be a total spendthrift but am now as tight as a duck's arse saving for a house deposit and eventual mat leave.

stumblymonkey Sun 27-Mar-16 12:34:00 do you wear your scarves?

I luffs them and have loads but never know how to wear you tie them in any way or just drape them around your neck IYSWIM?

I'm never entirely sure about scarves and my big bosoms but I'd be happy to find out I'm wrong!

stumblymonkey Sun 27-Mar-16 12:35:30

I think also possibly I need to get out of my rut and find a look and then invest in some nice key pieces.

At the moment I feel like throwing my whole wardrobe out and starting again!

MamaLazarou Sun 27-Mar-16 12:42:40

This is a great scarf tutorial:

I have never seen anyone looking stylish in tunic/long top and leggings. Dress and tights is so much better.

wonderpants Sun 27-Mar-16 12:47:35

I'm in the same boat! Similar size, but also have horrid overhang on the belly! I love tunics, leggings, boots (or birkies in summer) and cardigans. But I'm a bit scared I may come across a 'no leggings' rule in my new career!

stumblymonkey Sun 27-Mar-16 12:49:08

Thanks for the tutorial Mama, I'll have a good look at it later.

I definitely want to get out of wearing leggings and keep them for 'lounge wear' only...

ishouldcocoa Sun 27-Mar-16 12:54:46

I am an 18 on top and a 16 bottom, also 'with a tum'. I am still curvy, but need to skim past the tum bit. YY to ditching wrap dresses!

I find anything thats cut as a princess line very flattering. I seem to have no difficulty in finding coats and jackets cut like that, but when it comes to jumpers etc, its a nightmare!

I'm finding that anything with a V neck helpful, too, and am about to stop buying crew neck cardis, and concentrate on v neck ones instead.

I also major in long necklaces which end at about my tummy button - creates a longer shape IYSWIM, and I try to keep my scarves tied long, too.

LaurieFairyCake Sun 27-Mar-16 13:06:57

I wear the leggings into boots all winter so they just look like thick tights. The advantage leggings have is they don't rip and provide a smoother line if you're overweight like I am.

I don't look really stylish, but I look reasonably ok dressed for work. I wear a long cardigan with it - looks quite smart, longer than the tunic or dress

I have the Hermes 'how to tie your scarf' leaflet and a couple of plain scarf rings.

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