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style me for wedding please!

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N0tfinished Sun 27-Mar-16 10:46:42

After disastrous day shopping yesterday, I've decided to wear a dress I already own to a wedding on end of April. I've inserted a pic, hope it works!

I wore it to a winter wedding with black, so I wanted to strike a change & springify it...

I've bought a cropped ivory tuxedo style jacket and this necklace

Jacket can be returned & necklace was a cheapie from eBay...

I need shoes- I am not great on heels! I adore chie Miharas but they're way above my budget (€100ish)

How about these ones[[ ]] ?

botemp Sun 27-Mar-16 11:11:18

There's a few Chie Miharas on yoox between €110-160 if you're willing to stretch your budget that far and delivery is free across Europe at the moment. There's an additional WOW15 code for 15% off but it doesn't work on everything, the size ranges are limited though. Check them out here.

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