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WhattaMunter Sun 27-Mar-16 08:36:17

I've been looking on the Internet for dry and cracked hand skin, and something popped up about gelatine and collagen. It sounded hopeful and if it sorts my wrinkles out that'd be a bonus

My nails are weak and peeling, the skin around my fingers is cracked and its dry in most other places. I feel I'm lacking so many things, I was hopeful a few minerals and vitamins would help me out.

My GP surgery has gone one step further out of reach since it's now operating in a telephone triage system and I cannot imagine they'd give me an appointment for feeling generally shite with cracked skin!

So, any collagen takers around for a hopeful MN'er?!

Wolpertinger Sun 27-Mar-16 12:18:26

There's no evidence swallowing collagen works as you would digest it into its smaller chemicals and your body would then decide what to build it into again - not necessarily collagen and not necessarily in your skin and nails.

However feeling tired all the time is a reasonable reason for a non-urgent GP appointment and they would prob do some blood tests and your nails might be a sign of being anaemic or several other conditions so definitely worth going.

If your hands are v dry I found a hand cream with urea like Flexitol or Eucerin was amazing and healed up all my cracks and flaky bits very quickly.

WhattaMunter Sun 27-Mar-16 13:45:09

Wolp, thank you. I'll look into getting some thanks

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