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Help need something to wear for a wedding on Saturday

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everythingispeachy Sat 26-Mar-16 21:39:08

I was wondering if you could help me find something to wear for a wedding on Saturday. I did have 2 dresses lined up but I haven't quite lost the weight I needed to and they don't fit. I have a 7 month old baby and I am just stopping breastfeeding so my boobs haven't settled to their usual size yet. I am currently a 32 GG. I am blond, 5 foot 2 and about a size 12-14 with hips and a post baby tummy. I suit navy, purple and emerald green colours but navy is out as that's what the bridesmaids are wearing. I had a quick look in H and M debenhams, Dorothy Perkins and Topshop last week but nothing is jumping out at me. I just want to feel nice and not frumpy. I don't have loads of spare cash so cheap as possible. I have a baby free shopping day lined up for Monday, any ideas of where I can try. Thanks

cissyfuss Sat 26-Mar-16 22:04:09

Hi have a look at Closet... thought their shapes and colours might suit you...

Also stocked in ASOS, John Lewis and house of Fraser.

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