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I need a smart jacket for the spring that makes me feel like less of a potato.

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Meeep Sat 26-Mar-16 20:41:35

I've got a boxy jacket from last year I put on today, but I caught sight of myself as I was heading out of the door to go for a nice lunch - and it was not flattering at all.

I'm a size 12. Age 39.
Could someone point me at a nice jacket or two? I'm terrible at clothes!

Roygrace Sat 26-Mar-16 20:45:43

I also have beenooking for one seen one in Zara then eventually bought one today in matalan which is fitted but with extra corner bits don't know how to describe I'll find a link!

Roygrace Sat 26-Mar-16 20:47:41

Waterfall that's it!

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