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My new coat is apparently from a 2 part set!

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BigbapsBabs Fri 25-Mar-16 19:37:58

I bought a new coat from M& S today and now notice the label says '2 part set'. I am presuming this is a mistake as I can't think what would make up the set. Have I left a part of the outfit in the store? Any suggestions would be welcomed grin

StuRedman Fri 25-Mar-16 19:38:45

Does it have a belt? Detachable hood?

EsmesBees Fri 25-Mar-16 19:39:03

A belt maybe? I bought a dress which came with a belt once which boasted it was a two part set.

bookbook Fri 25-Mar-16 19:39:58

Does it come with a belt, or shawl, or brooch ?

Cocolepew Fri 25-Mar-16 19:40:43


Terramirabilis Fri 25-Mar-16 19:41:16

A belt that isn't sewn onto the coat would be considered 2 parts as they could be separated accidentally. The tag's designed to ensure shop assistants check for all the items in the set before selling it.

If you don't have both parts, you might have problems returning it, maybe, so it could be worth speaking to the store sooner rather than later if you don't know what the second part is.

Springdew Fri 25-Mar-16 19:43:24

And it could be in the sale if said item is missing

BigbapsBabs Fri 25-Mar-16 19:50:45

Nothing obvious. No hood,belt etc.
Just had another look and there is a bit of material affixed with press studs to the collar but you wouldn't wear the coat without it. Maybe that is the second part confused
This is the coat

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