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beauty products/routines/tips for busy mums?

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twocultures Fri 25-Mar-16 11:38:31

I thought I could start this thread if anyone wants to share their tips and tricks on what products they use and how they get ready everyday and for an outing.
As mums we generally have limited time and energy to make ourselves presentable much less get ready for that rare night out or event, especially when a bored toddler is hanging on your leg demanding your undivided attention whilst you're trying to put your mascara on without smudging it all over your face.
So what routine do you stick to to keep your skin in check? What make up products do you use that get good and quick results in the morning? And what about your hair?
How do you get ready for an outing? What products do you swear by?
Let's share and help each other out!

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