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Help! 38, mum of two and date with a club. What to wear?

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mrsvilliers Wed 23-Mar-16 22:11:49

I've gone a hen weekend coming up, which is going to end in a London club (the type you read about in the sleb section of the DM...) I accidentally walked past it the other day and realised I am completely clueless as to what people wear to clubs these days. My plan for the afternoon activity and dinner is grey skinnies, navy silk trapeze top and kind of pale blush suede gladiator heels (sound very wrong but are lovely). Probably with a grey toned leopard skin envelope clutch. I'm happy enough with the outfit but it feels a bit lacking for the club bit and I don't want to feel frumpy. Bride will likely be in smart jeans or trousers and top but she has piles of money and no kids I'm happy to buy something but what?! And do I need to?

Nannygrandma Thu 24-Mar-16 05:11:23

Think that outfit sounds lovely

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