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Growing out hair- give me some tips how to , please.

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 23-Mar-16 20:00:53

I've had my hair short for , maybe 2 years, it's dyed (by me) every 3 weeks, cut every 5-6 weeks.

I toy with the idea of growing it to colllar length but it gets so scruffy, I get it cut.

Sides and back are usually close (at the moment it's 1" long)
Top is longer, 2". Layered and wavy.

That's the problem, it has a way of it's own.
I have to wet my hair every day to style it , no time to straighten.
I look like him from eraserhead first thing in the morning.

If I can find something to make my hair 'limp' while it grows a bit, I could leave the top bit longer till I can let the sides grow (to avoid the Mullet look)

Or shall I just accept my hair and keep it cropped.
Inspire me with tales of hair . smile

namechangeformypost Wed 23-Mar-16 20:06:12

See everybody told me to never straighten it and always get it cut and that's the way to make it grow. I straighten it every day, haven't had a cut in 8 months and I'm almost at my boobs. I will cut the split ends myself but I can't notice them blush

MadSprocker Wed 23-Mar-16 21:14:44

Keep the back short while the sides and top grows down.

PrimalLass Wed 23-Mar-16 21:43:09

What MadSproker said.

The back grows more quickly so it eventually catches up. I kept getting my hair trimmed into an inverted bob. Then, when it was getting long enough, I used the Brazillian blowdry stuff from Amazon to tame the sticky-out bits.

MadSprocker Thu 24-Mar-16 12:27:52

Growing out my pixie to a longer short style. I have fine flat hair though. Back due for it's second trim this weekend.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 25-Mar-16 10:38:24

I did try a while ago, having the back and sides short and leaving the top longer but it just looked wild and after a week, I had to go back and have it cut again.

If I had the sides/top longer, I'd look like the lead singer from A Flock of Seagulls.

I think my hair texture is partly due to the dye ( I dye /highlight which TBH isn't good for it) but because it's short, it gets cropped out.

Once I decide to go back to my natural colour (whatever that is blush ) I can think about growing it.
Plan is to keep it dyed (it's coppery blonde with highlights) until after my holiday, then have it cropped and see what occurs.
I'll be quite grey I reckon.

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