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Ten or twelve?

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Nightowlagain Wed 23-Mar-16 13:48:08

Hi, I have an interview in a few days and I bought a black suit from principles. In store they only had the size10 jacket, which is very fitted and maybe a touch on the small side. So I ordered the 12 when I got home to try. The 12 is shapeless but more comfy possibly. I'm just worried if I wear the 10 I'll be pushing my luck and look like it's too small but the 12 looks crap! Help!

I'm on a diet and have lost 6lbs so far so I think if I wear the 10 it'll fit better soon but if I go for the 12 I'll need to buy a new one soon <optimist>. I'll need to wear it for the actual job as well you see, not just one day.

My DH is no help but I'm sure you guys can give me some advice! Thanks smile

LadyPriggsbottom Wed 23-Mar-16 13:55:59

Oh no I hate being between sizes! Tricky.

I think you might end up feeling uncomfortable in the 10 which won't help you feel at ease at interview. I sometimes find with jackets that they look great when you put them on and then they can start to feel a bit too snug and uncomfortable. If yours already feels a bit snug I personally wouldn't risk it as I know if feel crap in it. That said, you won't feel too wonderful in a jacket which is too big!

Honestly, in these circumstances I think I'd have to start looking for another jacket... <not helpful sorry>

LadyPriggsbottom Wed 23-Mar-16 13:56:40

*"I know I'd feel crap" not "I know if feel crap".

StewardsEnquiry Wed 23-Mar-16 14:15:05

Buy the 12 and have it taken in at the local dry cleaners

burnishedsilver Wed 23-Mar-16 14:31:44

Sizing can often be inconsistant. Do you have time to go to another branch and try on a few more 10s and 12s to see if one fits better? Failing that I think you should look for a different suit altogether. Don't buy something that doesnt fit.

JuxtapositionRecords Wed 23-Mar-16 14:37:14

I would go for a different suit in another shop to be honest.

If you don't have time for that then go with the 12 - the last thing you need is feeling uncomfortable!

Mbear Wed 23-Mar-16 16:25:45

I would really try and stay with the 10 if I were you, sorry I work with ladies suiting and a jacket that looks too big looks awful.

Nightowlagain Wed 23-Mar-16 16:42:40

Thanks all. The 10 looks much better, the 12 doesn't do me any favours and is baggy at the waist. I'm just a bit worried it'll be too small for day to day. I don't have a chance to get something else now. I'll lose a few more pounds and it'll be fine! The trousers are really flattering!

Nightowlagain Wed 23-Mar-16 16:43:41

I know I should have found something else but I've not had long and it's really hard to get a decent looking suit on a reasonable budget. Knight only wear it once so I can't spend £200!

Nightowlagain Wed 23-Mar-16 16:43:47

I might

JuxtapositionRecords Wed 23-Mar-16 16:56:07

I'm sure it will be fine, you can always take the jacket off if it's really uncomfortable? Good luck with the interview!

Feawen Wed 23-Mar-16 18:25:12

Can you wear the 10 unbuttoned, maybe with a scarf? Doesn't suit every style of jacket I realise.

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