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HoC Summer?

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FastLove Wed 23-Mar-16 06:45:00

Hi I've just had a colour analysis session done with House of Colour and came out as a True Summer. I know there's a thread for Summers on here but can't find it now that it's relevant to me! Definitely need some tips for where to start shopping. Could anyone please do a link for me? Thanks!

CreviceImp Wed 23-Mar-16 08:11:13

Why don't you start a new one?
Shops that have generally have colours in this palette-
Mint Velvet
Noa Noa

Look at a lot of other Scandinavian brands too.

I think make-up recommendations would be helpful.
I don't think a lot of true/cool summers suit the frosted pink lips look that is recommended online. Most cool summers are just a notch down from True Winters in their colouring after all. I have figured out that these are probably my best colours by guess work as black is too harsh on me and I suit navy and charcoal better as my darkest colours. White is too bright and primary red is overwhelming for my colouring too.

I really struggle to get the right amount of depth in my lipstick without the garish factor. I think Avon matte mauve is a good one that will suit most as it doesn't have that frosted blue cast to it. Revlon sultry is also good.

ontherightpath Wed 23-Mar-16 23:10:10

Another true summer here. There's a Facebook group called True Summer Sisterhood that I've found very helpful.

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