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Really dry skin round nails

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Savagebeauty Tue 22-Mar-16 19:18:01

My nails are a mess...cuticles are grown and the skin is really cracked by the nails.
I'm having a manicure on Monday to start them off ...which oil/ treatment should I get to keep them softer?

icelollycraving Tue 22-Mar-16 20:29:26

I really like the Shea butter cuticle oil from L'Occitane. It has a little brush & improved mine very quickly.

Shop Tue 22-Mar-16 20:39:14

Flexitol nail & cuticle cream works really quickly

Indecisivejo Tue 22-Mar-16 21:18:41

I really like burts bees lemon butter cuticle cream £5.99 from boots. (It's not a cream at all it's a solid balm so no idea why it's called that)

Fozzleyplum Wed 23-Mar-16 07:55:17

I would mix a spoon of sugar with some oil ( eg olive/ coconut) and rub it all over your hands and nails as if you are washing your hands with it, before rinsing off. It will sort out your cuticles and exfoliate and moisturise your hands.

liinyo Wed 23-Mar-16 08:40:02

OPI Avoplex oil is very good. But shop around for it as it can be very expensive - especially in Boots

carrie74 Wed 23-Mar-16 09:40:47

Yes to Flexitol cream for cuticles, sorts things out v v quickly.

Savagebeauty Wed 23-Mar-16 16:17:04

Thank you! I am doing a big toiletries shop tomorrow so will get some Flexitol...never knew they did it fornails.

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