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Which shops have the best quality basics?

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deathb4decaf Tue 22-Mar-16 15:37:30

I'm mum to a breast fed 8.5mo and have found myself wearing the same h&m clip down vest tops, and comfy harem type trousers/leggings/pj's day in day out since she was born pretty much. I'd like to upgrade these items for something a bit nicer but still comfy and practical. Wondering where to get nice quality tshirts, vests, harems that sort of thing? I don't mind paying a bit more for stuff that'll last. I'm probably going to order a pair of the hush harem's... Anyone got these? Are they worth fifty quid?! Comfort and practicality are the main criteria here! Thanks

Rathkelter Tue 22-Mar-16 20:28:47

Uniqlo is great. If you haven't got a branch near you you can order online.

starfish8 Tue 22-Mar-16 23:21:48

Next have quite a large range of harem pants at the moment - Just type in 'harem' in their search box and they all come up. I got a black and white pair with architecture type drawings on for £22, and they have a range of tropical type prints for summer, as well as the basic colours. Quite happy with the quality and am wearing now! Would never have gone near Next pre kids, but their boys clothes are great so I often pick up bits and pieces for me in there. I am officially MIDDLE AGED! Shit!

Otherwise, I was always a Gap shopper for t-shirts that are a bit better quality, but they are struggling with market share against places like HM, Zara and don't think the extra cost is worth it. Bought a lovely breton stripe top for £13 in HM the other week which would have been no better quality in Gap for £30!

With a young baby you might not be best buying expensive t-shirts and basics at the moment. I have a 2.5 year old and my weight dropped down after 12-18 months in particular, so sizing could be an issue. as your weight and shape changes. Also, going back to work practically full time and having to shove multiple loads of washing in the dryer just for convenience causes a little shrinkage on anything good quality or not, so I'm sticking to high street for now.

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