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more bra help!

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dancemom Tue 22-Mar-16 08:11:12

So yesterday my favourite bra began to move about. Band felt looser and the cups were riding up on me. I assumed the elastic had gone and would need to buy a replacement but thought I better measure myself just in case.

Favourite bra is a full cup tshirt with underwire and moulded cup size 34E.

Measurements today are 36 under and 44 over!

I've been wearing the wrong size?

Your measurements suggest a 36Ff as a starting point - however it's not uncommon to wear a smaller band than you measure. How old is the current one- they can stretch a lot so you might find your old 34 is bigger than a new 36. Fantasie run biggish in the band too.

Pop your current bra on and scoop all the tissue under your arms and round the back forward in to the cups. I suspect you'll find you have quad boob

dancemom Tue 22-Mar-16 10:14:56

When I scoop the cups ride up massively. I have another of the same style / brand in a different colour, which I wear a lot less. Will try that one on.

That suggests you do need a lot more cup space so I'd try the 36Ff as a start point. A 34g would have the same cup space

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