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Where can I find these White Company trainers elsewhere?

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Chicinwellies Mon 21-Mar-16 09:46:23

I just can't justify £120, as lovely as they are for everyday / school run. Has anyone spied similar for less?x

Tate15 Mon 21-Mar-16 09:50:30

ApocalypseSlough Mon 21-Mar-16 09:51:54

Ugg ones are a bit cheaper.

louloubelle2 Mon 21-Mar-16 10:08:04

I doubt you will find anything sheepskin lined now, even the dregs of the sales have finished for winter stock most places. If you close up on the brand, Fabio Rusconi, they are stocked on Yoox, Sarenza and quite a bit on eBay, just not those particular shoes. Or call The White Company, they have Outlet shops you amy find these in.

If it's just skater pumps you want, they are everywhere, right down to Primark or New Look. You could buy sheepskin liners from Amazon if you wanted to make them warmer yourself.

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