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Personal stylist central London?

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Squiffy01 Sun 20-Mar-16 16:00:31

I've always like the idea of having a session with one as I've no idea what to wear! I've got styles I like but I don't know if they actually suit me, I don't know what colours I should just completely avoid or look good.
I have got some lovely skirts but end up always wearing a black top with them cause I don't know what would go with.
The only 'outfits' I own are ones that were put together on in the shop like the top was hanging above the skirt so I assumed that was meant to go with it confused I'm absolutely rubbish.

So was wondering if anyone had any great experiences with personal stylists to tell me what I need to know about my body what I should be wearing avoiding. Help me buy new things but also go through my cupboard and out outfits together. Someone that won't break the bank.
Also I don't want someone that is going to talk me into a style I don't hugely like that I will buy and then not want to wear ( yes I know I'm a grown women and can say no... But I can't!)

Any experiences/ suggestions greatly appropriated! Thank you.

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