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asian skincare - sing-sing-girl a good place to buy?

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CwtchyQ Sun 20-Mar-16 09:36:54

Been speed-reading the massive asian skincare thread started by frugal last year! Just wanted to know if the seller sing sing girl on ebay is any good and if the products are real? Fakes are the big concern but I don't want to spend a small fortune and the prices are so reasonable!
Thanks in advance!

HeathrowExpress Sun 20-Mar-16 09:47:50

Yes it's fine. I have bought a lot of stuff from there. It arrives within 10 days usually.

CwtchyQ Sun 20-Mar-16 09:53:31

heathrow great - and no issues with authenticity?

HeathrowExpress Sun 20-Mar-16 09:55:34

Not in my experience. Beautynetkorea and f2plus1 also good sites.

CwtchyQ Sun 20-Mar-16 10:11:58

Thanks heathrow - I feel a mega spend coming on

wickedfairy Sun 20-Mar-16 12:09:15

I have bought from all the above sites too, numerous times. Have had no issues with them. Happy spending :-)

MadisonMontgomery Sun 20-Mar-16 16:14:02

Yep I've bought from them lots of times, no problems at all.

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