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New handbag...

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nottoallyenjoyingit Sun 20-Mar-16 00:40:22

My Longchamp is about to give I the ghost. I'd like something similar- tote, zipped, pref fabric based rather than leather.
I've had a Cath Kidston oilcloth before so don't really want another. I've looked in John Lewis and googled for ages but I'm stuck! Any ideas welcome. Budget up to approx £100

ShutTheFuckUpBarbara Sun 20-Mar-16 00:42:16

Is it a pliage? How about another one of them? smile

citychick Sun 20-Mar-16 03:21:17

What about ? I don't think they zip up, though.

Or Kipling? ( some of their patterns I don't like, but I have a navy back pack and use it every day.)

Orla Keily? Check the sale pages as most are over £100 non sale.

HTH, good luck!

citychick Sun 20-Mar-16 03:23:34

Sorry, just checked...some Herve chapelier do have zips. smile

Kirriemuir Sun 20-Mar-16 06:50:07

Holy moly, those Herve bags are lovely but hundreds of pounds!

nottoallyenjoyingit Sun 20-Mar-16 09:49:09

Thanks folks. I like the Herve ones but yikes re price!! I like the look of the Orla Kielly ones so thank you all x

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