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Can anyone recommend me a beach bag...

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Indecisivejo Sat 19-Mar-16 20:24:05

It needs to be large and have a zip aswell as look nice!
Not too much ££ either
Am I asking too much?

Indecisivejo Sun 20-Mar-16 07:21:43

Nobody? sad

DianaT1969 Sun 20-Mar-16 08:43:18

I haven't noticed any in shops yet, but Primark and TKMaxx would be good to try. Although I notice that TKMaxx's are usually weaved basket style and rigid so can't pack flat.
This one online?

Quickchangeup Sun 20-Mar-16 08:48:52,acc_1.1/9893084000,acc_1.1/9891044100,acc_1.7/9890114400

Any of these? Accessorize have loads to choose from, I bought one last year and it was perfect!!!

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