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Baby shower - outfit suggestions

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TheBestNamesAreTaken Fri 18-Mar-16 22:42:23

I have a baby shower to attend next weekend, DHs cousin is mum to be and her older sister (who I'm pretty close to) is hosting. We're all late 20s/early 30s. These girls are great, I think very highly of them, but spending time with them gives me a total image crisis! I'd say we're pretty evenly matched attractiveness-wise, but they exude a vibrancy, confidence and photogenic-ness that I just don't.

So, what's appropriate to wear to an at-home, daytime baby shower, and does anyone have any suggestions for a laid back but subtly polished outfit I might feel comfortable in? I'm size 8, pale skinned, brunette. Maybe I'm overthinking and should just chuck on jeans and a Breton?!

TheKingSits Sat 19-Mar-16 08:05:00

Something smart and well put together but looks like you just chucked it on last minute. Skinnies, loafers, Breton and blazer? Or knee length skirt, ankle boots, chiffon top and blazer? When I was at the shops yesterday there were a lot of soft chiffon shirts and shirt dresses, and Aztec/tapestry type skirts and trousers. They all look quite nice together. Also those long coats without sleeves. I bought one but it's going back as I look like I'm wearing a weird lab coat or something. You might manage to pull it off! Maybe you could get something in a stunning colour? I usually wear grey, black, navy and white but bought a coral floaty top yesterday to try to add a bit of jazz to my wardrobe!

Don't worry the focus will all be on the mum to be and the anticipated arrival smile have a good time!

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