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Quality t shirts

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ammature Fri 18-Mar-16 11:35:05

I am a ftm and breastfeeding my little guy. I'm doing the one up one down method. So wearing a cheap vest and a loose top to pull up. I've tried this with non stretch tops and its not as good so would like to pick up a few nice t shirts. I'm planning on loosing weight as im prob about a size 16 now with big boobs so don't want to spend loads but also like loose clothes so would like to still wear them as oversized in the future. Any suggestions?

getoffthattabletnow Fri 18-Mar-16 11:54:23

Matalan long vests and the long sleeved soft t shirts in modal/cotton mix.They wash and last really well and are cheap enough to buy several.

MrsBenWyatt Fri 18-Mar-16 12:09:49

I'm BFing DC3 (2 weeks old) and yesterday did my now-traditional trip to H&M to get long vests and baggy t-shirts grin. The last lot I got have lasted since DD was born (she is now 6). I always wear a vest under tops, even when not BF.

I get these vests, which are lovely and long

And some of these T-shirts

I am back to normal weight now, but have a definite 'shelf' from my section, so I am wearing these with leggings/leggings at the moment until I can sort out my tummy!

ontherightpath Fri 18-Mar-16 13:45:31

Esprit do some lovely stretchy t-shirts, baggy shirts etc. Always good quality and reasonably priced. I've just bought a lovely sleeveless vest from there to wear under a baggy shirt.

ammature Fri 18-Mar-16 13:51:33

These are great Ben- thanks

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