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what can I put on my hair to make it less frizzy

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Scoopmuckdizzy Thu 17-Mar-16 14:18:37

My hair is very thick and wavy. I wash it twice a week as if I washed it more regularly it would just be a frizzy mess. I don't own a hairdryer as it takes far too long so it dries naturally. It's better when it's long as the weight makes it behave a bit better but I'm looking for some way of controlling it. I had a product (about 10 years ago) that I used to put on my hair when it was damp and would help it to dry without the frizz but would enhance the waviness - I can't remember where it was from or what it was called though. It was in a cream and green tube- that's all I remember. It smelled very nice.

If anyone can identify the product or recommend something similar please do!

Topsyloulou Thu 17-Mar-16 20:27:53

I've been using Aussie miracle oil for about a month and my hair is so much smoother. I've also switched from a brush to a tangle teezer and that's made a real difference too. My hair is much smoother, it's even shiny done days. When I leave my hair loose & wavy it looks so much healthier, I don't feel the need to tie it up all the time now.

MrsJamin Thu 17-Mar-16 20:30:48

Mine is thick and wavy too, I use argan oil and straighten it. I only wash my hair once a week and straighten it after blow drying it.

BikeRunSki Thu 17-Mar-16 20:35:19

I am a big fan of Boots Curl Creme for this, but have recently started using Palmer's Coconut Leave In Conditioner which is excellent indeed.

evenoldergregg Thu 17-Mar-16 20:40:31

I have similar hair. Long, thick and wavy, but since turning 40 a few years ago, prone to frizz. I've recently starting washing and conditioning with John Frieda Frizz ease. It's fabulous stuff. Would definitely recommend . Boots curl creme comes highly recommended too, although I don't use it myself as I don't like the feeling of product in my hair. You can buy a large tub for less than £2.

DontTellTheBride Thu 17-Mar-16 20:41:33

John Frieda Frizz Ease serum changed my life as a teen! Moroccan Oil (the real one - turquoise and gold packaging, on Amazon) is be expensive (close to £30 per bottle) but magic for frizzy hair

Kennington Thu 17-Mar-16 20:45:18

Hands run through though so it doesn't harded all over
Amazing stuff. No frizz at all

Scoopmuckdizzy Thu 17-Mar-16 20:45:51

Thanks everyone!

anotherdayanother Thu 17-Mar-16 20:50:49

Living Proof No Frizz is my fave at the moment. Leave in conditioner is very good.

NadiaWadia Thu 17-Mar-16 20:53:02

My hair has been annoyingly frizzy the last few years. I tried various things that didnt seem to work, but I got this from Amazon recently:

It's not cheap, and a bit of a faff to put on (you can't wash your hair for 3 days after doing the treatment) and afterwards you have to use special salt free shampoo and conditioner for three months, but it really does work! The only thing that does on me. sad

hugoagogo Thu 17-Mar-16 20:55:42

was it vitapoint? dd liked it.

TheDowagerCuntess Thu 17-Mar-16 21:39:22

I found John Frieda Frizz Ease didn't make a damn bit of difference.

I am still looking for my holy grail product. I try different things, an fry work for a while, but the frizz inevitably returns.

CountryRoadTakeMeHome Thu 17-Mar-16 22:40:03

L'Oreal extraordinary oil, lovely stuff makes my Tina Turner madness all silky and smooth smile

velourvoyageur Fri 18-Mar-16 07:48:26

I use Kerastase "Elixir Ultime crème fine à l'huile sublimatrice" which I really like. It makes me look a bit blonder too grin after I apply it my hands are all sparkly....

I have very straight hair but it doesn't stay looking soft for very long. With this it does, great stuff. You only need a little splodge.
My hair's naturally thick but just growing in from the latest big shedding so I have lots of sticking up bits of regrowth hmm and this is helping me not look too mad-scientisty. (the monocle and frazzled expression may be working against me on that one tho)

boobashka Sat 19-Mar-16 17:18:34

I've been using pure glycerine on my hair for the last few weeks and it works a treat on my frizzy, thick, wavy hair. I put a 5p sized blob on soaking wet hair, blow dry/BBH it straight et voila - my hair is swishy and unfrizzy all day. No build up either which always used to happen with proper hair 'products'.

Hope this helps.

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