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Anti-ageing serum recommendations please

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Lenazabaglione Thu 17-Mar-16 13:48:14

Down to the final dregs of my Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair. Happy to repurchase but wondering if there is anything better out there. Even better if less £££'s.

Tempted by Kiehl's Midnight Recovery, anyone tried it?

TIA, Lena

CakeForBreakfast Sat 19-Mar-16 13:31:57

I started off with Estée Lauder Night Recovery. I thought it was good until I tried (on recommendation by another s&b thread) the Deciem anti age hyalaronic acid serum.

It's my absolute favourite!

andadietcoke Sat 19-Mar-16 13:37:22

I adore Sunday Riley's Luna night oil. A serious, noticeable difference after using it.

LumpySpacedPrincess Sat 19-Mar-16 15:14:58

No one ingredient has all the answers. I follow an Asian Beauty routine and layer up different serums that address various issues. I use a good C serum in the morning and a Retinol at night. I also use Aha and Bha acid toners to exfoliate and oil to cleanse. I buy a lot of products from Korea and the quality of the ingredients is fantastic, superior to western brands.

I'm in my mid forties and my skin is great since following an AB routine, though I have spent a lot of time researching so that I don't buy rubbish products.

It really is worth re considering before you just buy another expensive serum.

MamaAwayOnBusiness Sat 19-Mar-16 16:10:22

My night serum at the moment is LRP redermic R, followed by eucerin volume filler. This is the first time I can definitely say I noticed a difference in my skin

Lenazabaglione Tue 22-Mar-16 10:16:24

Thanks for suggestions everyone.

Cake is the Deciem one Hylamide? Haven't tried it, but might now.

anda really good to know the Sunday Riley is worth the ££'s

Lumpy very interested in trying Asian beauty products, but no idea where or what to buy. I'm 46, skin is ok, just getting old! Anything you could recommend?

Mama I'm using Redermic alternate it...might pick up the eucerin to try with it.

CakeForBreakfast Tue 22-Mar-16 13:43:56

Yes, it's the hylamide one,

Lenazabaglione Tue 22-Mar-16 18:48:16

Thanks Cake, I picked one up in Boots earlier - it's on special offer, £10 off.

I like the Olay Regenerist one. Keep coming back to it.

Stage8 Tue 22-Mar-16 20:45:31

I know this might sound a bit mad but I use LRP Redermic R and have a couple of times put it around my eyes by accident. I'm convinced a couple of wrinkles are now more pronounced.

CoolToned Tue 22-Mar-16 20:49:53

Stage8 - I think I noticed that too! I started using the LRP Redermic R eyecream last year for prevention and I have gotten wrinkles in the eye area since when I didn't have any. I thought I was the only one!

NattyGolfJerkin Tue 22-Mar-16 21:05:05

I don't get on with hylamide. I don't like the texture. I ended up adding it to body lotion (it does a good job there).

I like kiehl's midnight recovery but it is an oil not a serum, it isn't very 'active' but us lovely for giving that plump, juicy, 'I've slept' look. It feels nice, smells nice, my skin likes it and I see benefits from using it (my skin looks plumper, smoother and somehow 'fresher'), but I also use a retinol serum (Paula's Choice) and a rich moisturiser (Clinique moisture surge overnight mask but I use as a moisturiser AM & PM). I also love the Sarah Chapman anti age serum (instead of the Paula's Choice one). I hot cloth cleanse with jojoba oil AM & PM.

So my routine is

Jojoba oil cleanse (AM/PM)
PC Retinol serum / Sarah Chapman serum (AM/PM)
Clinique moisture surge overnight mask (AM/PM)
Midnight Recovery Oil (PM)

Peter Thomas Roth Max Strength Complexion Pads (acid exfoliant pads)
Dermalogica Vitamin Power Recovery Mask (straight after the pad)

It's a set of products/routine that works well for me, but has taken years of trial & error. What works for me might not work for you.

In the past I've really liked the Vichy one in the blue glass jar, Aqualia (is that right?). Brilliant for dehydration and a nice, non sticky texture (what I hate about hylamide & the indeed labs one). Choose a serum to suit whatever it 'issue' you want to address.

Pancakeflipper Tue 22-Mar-16 21:25:00

I have tried various. But the one I use the most is the Body Shop VitE one.

Then my Elemis moisturiser with a drop of face treatment oil. I have very very dry skin (but you'd never know unless I don't do my little routine).

CakeForBreakfast Wed 23-Mar-16 12:37:35

I didn't know hylamide was in boots! £10 off is great, I will go there next time

FuckyNell Wed 23-Mar-16 12:39:04

I used anr for a few years but have switched to Clarins double serum and I much prefer it

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