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Help me style the Boden Violet skirt in two ways for two weddings

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Zorion Thu 17-Mar-16 09:12:38

I've ordered the skirt, I love it, but as its eye wateringly expensive I have to wear it to both this summers weddings. I've lost my sense of style a little post baby... how would you style it? Id like to wear it differently enough at each wedding. am size 10/12 but very curvy so I look bigger.

BlackAzalea Thu 17-Mar-16 12:27:07

Zorion, lovely skirt...and those shoes, they're gorgeous ! Are they Boden ?

I'd wear those shoes, or something similar, then keep everything else simple, as they're striking enough. A top in either navy or black (can't tell what colour the spots are), a sort of silky, tie-belted top, short or 3/4 sleeves, boat neck or crossover (I know what I mean but can't find a photo of it) that you can wear on it's own but that you won't melt in if the weather's good. Or a jacket like the Coast Vergara Bow jacket or the Kemara Ottoman jacket (sorry can't link at the moment), same colour as the spots, bag same colour too.

I don't think it would look too plain not with those shoes, and you can always add a bit of bling with a great pair of statement earrings and/or bracelet.

Or top/jacket in white/cream, red bag ?

Or shoes and bag in navy/black and a top in a really zingy colour: fuchsia pink, lime green etc.

amarmai Thu 17-Mar-16 18:03:32

a black kimono style belted top worn outside the waist , highish black wedges - not too delicate and a large black clutch.

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