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13 year old - wedding ideas for a girl who doesn't like dresses!

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Katkat50 Thu 17-Mar-16 08:53:24

As if sorting out something for myself isn't bad enough, my daughter is not being too helpful with ideas. She is a skinny jeans and cropped top kind of girl, so this is a bit of a challenge! I've got 2 weeks .... Please help x

CakeNinja Thu 17-Mar-16 09:05:55

I have a DD the same. She went to a wedding last year and I asked her to look and see what she wanted that didn't involve jeans or leggings.
She chose a couple of really lovely playsuits, one was a tailored smart one and the other was summery enough to wear to a wedding or on holiday (if you were 12!).
Is she willing to cooperate and give suggestions?

Savagebeauty Thu 17-Mar-16 09:07:48

What about skinny trousers and a jacket?
I hate dresses and have always worn trousers to the odd wedding I've been to.

DelphiniumBlue Thu 17-Mar-16 09:14:14

Luxe skinny jeans - maybe velvet or pleathet and a top of her choice.
No one really cares if teenagers are not dressed in a conventionally appropriate way, normally people are pleased that they've turned up at all. I have only boys, but jeans shirt and jacket have passed muster at weddings and funerals. Let her chose what she wants to wear and don't feel pressured into buying clothes she' all never wear again

MyballsareSandy2015 Thu 17-Mar-16 09:15:17

My DD is the same and she wore smart skinny trousers and a jacket to a wedding last year.

ProbablyMe Thu 17-Mar-16 09:24:24

My eldest SD is the same (age 11). She agreed to wear black, smart, skinny jeans, a jacket and a t-shirt with a lace panel on the front (white - no pink allowed!) with lace up brogue type shoes. She lives in sports wear on the whole. We found H&M had some good things.

Katkat50 Thu 17-Mar-16 13:29:05

Thanks for your suggestions! I was thinking 'dress' but am swayed by the play suit or skinnies ... I don't want something that won't see light of day again!

banivani Thu 17-Mar-16 13:31:39

Jumpsuits or playsuits! She'll look super cool. Other possibility is those wide cullotty type trousers that I think are around just now, wide trousers sort of between trousers and skirts.

fresta Thu 17-Mar-16 15:16:26

I would second a jumpsuit, Ted Baker girls at Debenhams had some really smart ones. u0020ted0020baker%2Fcategories%3C{productsuniverse_18662%2Fage_group_s%3E{older202842d1620years29}\here}

fresta Thu 17-Mar-16 15:19:42

Sorry, it won't let me post the proper link, you will have to narrow it down to girls yourselves.

fresta Thu 17-Mar-16 15:21:15 I love this one!

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