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Outfit for ceremony and wedding party and work

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ohohohitsmagic Wed 16-Mar-16 19:54:11

I don't like buying stuff just for weddings. I am attending a civil ceremony in England, very small, then a wedding in Italy, and would ideally like something I can then wear to work.

Size 16, hourglass with biiig boobs.

Ideally I'd find a very flattering but plan navy dress which looks great on me and then accessorise for the wedding with shoes and bags and then wear with plain for work. Help meee

littlepinkpear Wed 16-Mar-16 23:15:34

I really like this from banana republic smile

Very flattering, could wear strapless or skin coloured bra. It's cotton too, so perfect for hot weather and cool.

I'm thinking of it for a summer party

littlepinkpear Wed 16-Mar-16 23:16:15 dress


ohohohitsmagic Thu 17-Mar-16 19:44:23

Ooh that's lovely but wouldn't suit my boobs at all. I really like the colour thigh? Anyone else?

herecomesthsun Thu 17-Mar-16 20:04:25

rita dress

Gaby dress

Boden tweed

Cate dress

Ilovetorrentialrain Thu 17-Mar-16 23:19:05

Littlepinkpear that's gorgeous.

Tartyflette Thu 17-Mar-16 23:29:31

Phase 8 studio,size:

ohohohitsmagic Fri 18-Mar-16 08:10:29

Yeah this is maybe making me think I can't have one for wedding and work, love the last one but not appropriate for work.

Thanks so much, any more for me?

FuckOffJeffrey Fri 18-Mar-16 08:21:29

What about these dresses from pepperberry?

Navy Dress

Green Dress

Colourblock Dress

ohohohitsmagic Fri 18-Mar-16 18:29:38

No I'm thinking something less structured and more forgiving which will make me look like I've lost tons of weight and look great with a tan. I don't even know what I want

Itscurtainsforyou Sat 19-Mar-16 19:17:49

What about this:

ohohohitsmagic Sat 19-Mar-16 23:45:30

That's almost perfect but I'm not a huge wrap dress fan, I don't even know if the dress exists but I'm trying to think outside of the box....

Colour is so beaut

MrsLettuce Sun 20-Mar-16 00:07:03

not navy but blue

MrsLettuce Sun 20-Mar-16 00:14:39

similar to the last one but navy

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