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What's in your capsule wardrobe?

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Melbournemel Wed 16-Mar-16 12:55:19

I'm putting together a list of things I need to buy for my capsule wardrobe. Most of the stuff I already own is cheap tat that needs to be chucked so I'm starting fresh. This is my list:
Blazer jacket
Leather jacket
Waterfall cardi
Chunky cardi
Batwing top
Button down shirt
Check shirt
1 pattern blouse
2 plain tanks
1 pattern tank
2 wrap tshirts
2 long sleeve tshirts/jumpers
2 color pants
1 skirt
2 dresses
1 matching trackie set
1 leggings matching tee
Dressy runners
1 flat fun shoes

Which is all well and good except I have this strange addiction to plain coloured cotton tshirts. I will buy the same one in a variety of colours, my reasoning being that they are comfy, casual, go well with jeans and under jackets etc. At the moment, the ones I have are in awful condition and I am tempted to but a selection of 6-7 really good quality ones, on top of the capsule list I already have. Doesn't this defeat the idea of a capsule wardrobe in the first place?

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Wed 16-Mar-16 13:06:45

Don't know if this counts as a capsule wardrobe, but. I'll share anyway.
Pink dress
Mint dress
Coral dress
Lemon dress
Lilac dress
Navy blue spotty dress
Red dress
Mustard dress
Wine dress
Black dress with white spots
White dress with black spots
Floral black dress
Green dress with white spots
Pink jacket
Lemon jacket
Lilac jacket
Peach jacket
Mint jacket
Baby blue jacket
Orange jacket
Green jacket
Black jacket

I just mix and match, them .

Melbournemel Wed 16-Mar-16 14:03:43

Ooh yours sounds fab! I would consider that a capsule as long as every item is necessary/worn regularly/interchangeable. I would love to just do dresses but I do a fair bit of walking and have a bad back so need to wear supportive runners. Runners and dresses are not a good look sad

mintbiscuit Thu 17-Mar-16 09:04:28

I need to do this. But how do you work out your colour palette for your wardrobe. I like all the colours! confused

theladywiththelamp Thu 17-Mar-16 09:43:18

I hear you on the cotton basic shirts, but don't be tempted to overdo it, as you'll just end up with a confusing, sprawling wardrobe. I'm doing the same as you, and I think if you are going for basic shirts, choose neutral, easily accessorised colours such as navy and grey. Both are better to the complexion than black on most people. I have a couple of Boden ones, they do the job. I'd also stay away from too much pattern as well - if you stick with a good selection of plain colours, you can use scarves etc to lift outfits and you'll find your look less likely to go out of fashion. Your list is good otherwise, except boots, maybe a good ankle boot might be useful?

Melbournemel Fri 18-Mar-16 16:07:09

Yes lady, I had been thinking the very same about using scarves and jewellery to lift outfits smile I much prefer navy to black too. I forgot about boots shock I have a few pairs knocking about in the bottom of my wardrobe so might be able to salvage a pair instead of buying new. I think the hardest part is picking key pieces that can be mixed and matched with everything else confused

As far as the colour palette goes, I stick to what suits my skin tone. I am cool toned and fair so greens, blues and purples suit me. Much as I love yellows and browns, they dont do me any favours. Pinterest has loads of ideas and colour charts that I rely on smile

Terramirabilis Fri 18-Mar-16 19:26:35

I learnt a lot about colour palettes from the Vivienne Files. She has a lot of detail on all sorts of combinations plus some downloads (which you have to buy but they're cheap) that contain even more info.

Her basic plan is 2 neutrals + 1 light neutral + 2 accent colours.

What that means for me is:

neutrals - medium grey and camel
light neutral - ivory (the light neutral is meant to be your version of white)
accent colours - burgundy and cornflower blue.

The neutrals and the light neutral all need to go with each other and each of the accent colours, but the accent colours don't have to go together necessarily. I did choose accent colours that go together for maximum flexibility. The website then describes a plan for building a capsule wardrobe and what to buy in each colour.

I've been following it - with adaptations to my lifestyle and preferences - for 18 months and my wardrobe is vastly improved.

Terramirabilis Fri 18-Mar-16 19:29:59

Oh and Mint, I hear you on liking all colours, and it can be a wrench to reject gorgeous things because they don't fit your palette, but life is so much easier once everything works together.

I think the reality is that, unless you have a huge clothing budget, you're not going to be able to buy clothing across the colour spectrum and have all the shoes, accessories, coats etc to fit with everything. Once you narrow it down, you end up with a much more cohesive wardrobe.

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