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16 Year Old Hair Dye Disaster

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proseccoandwine Wed 16-Mar-16 12:50:46

After much googling I think what I'm looking for is a recommendation for a good colour correcting salon I'm in Portsmouth but prepared to travel a couple hours for somewhere really good. Long story so bear with me and many thanks for reading...

My 16 year old daughter went to the hairdresser with some grown out highlights and her roots a different colour to the rest of her hair. Her hair was originally a dark blonde with a reddish tinge and she wanted all one colour. After 5.5 hours she came out with bright blonde hair with ginger stripes needless to say we didn't pay for it and didn't go back.

We tried a different salon who agreed to put it right but she came away a medium ash colour which went green - we went back and they said she needed to go darker - she hated it and more tears.

I stupidly then brought colour b4 and you probably know the ending - ginger roots but the rest was her original colour. I then put a medium ash all over or she wouldn't have gone to school. I know the best course of action is to let it grow out but she's desperately unhappy it is far too dark, a number of people have asked if she ill, it's got green and red patches and we both wish we never started. I really don't want to do anything else myself and want a professional but really hoping for a recommendation as my daughter has lost all her confidence and needs to be focusing on GCSEs I'm ready for my flaming sad

AliciaMayEmory Wed 16-Mar-16 16:26:16

I really feel for your DD. I had similar happen to me last year. I have mousey hair with some greys that I have highlighted. Was fed up with the roots so wanted to try going darker. Friend who is a hairdresser did it for meat home but it went green. So she did it again with warmer tones and end result was green and burgundy hair - yuk! So we left it a week to see how it faded out and then she ended up having to do it a third time as it had faded really green on the ends but gone brassy on top. Colour looked a bit sludgy after that, but was much better. A week later it started breaking off and I ended up having half the length chopped off by a different hairdresser at a salon as it was so damaged. In fact it was so damaged she didn't said she didn't want to blow dry it too much as it would damage it further and definitely wouldn't have coloured it another time so soon after the last 3 attempts. A year on and the broken off bits are still growing down, my hair is pretty weak, but getting better and it's longer again. Original hairdresser 'friend' no longer speaks to me as I think she's embarrassed about it and mad that I went elsewhere to sort it and even though I know she didn't do it on purpose, I had to go elsewhere as she had pretty much ruined my hair. I don't know about your local area as am in the north but ask around for recommendations for a good salon. They will tell you the best course of action for what to do next and to salvage what is left.

I hope you get it sorted for your DD.

Ella2016xxxc Wed 16-Mar-16 16:31:51

I'm not of any help as I'm from up north too.
Just wanted to share my experience.
I'm dark brunette and went for caramel highlights asked for subtle just a few here and there.
I left bleached blonde,and my hair was breaking.
I went to Toni and guy who were fab and fixed the colour but I had to get hair extensions.
Be careful your daughters hair doesn't snap.
Is there a Toni and guy nearby,my local is great at colour correction.

MooseBeTimeForSnow Wed 16-Mar-16 16:37:47

Her hair may be too damaged for further work. I've heard Head and Shoulders original is good for removing colour.

CreviceImp Wed 16-Mar-16 18:33:52

Sounds like it is too damaged to treat and she should go with a pixie and grow it out to her natural colour.

The only other thing would be to go for a light Amber brown semi permanent. No ash as it will, as you are aware, turn green. It might tone it down a tad.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Wed 16-Mar-16 22:16:48

Young people's hair is strong and resilient so I think you need to go back to a hairdresser and ask for cool blonde highlights. They can assess any damage and advise if her hair can handle a bleach application. This will disguise the base colour you have ended up with and blend out unwanted tones. You can ask for just a T section highlights, which frame the face and run down the centre parting, or go for full head highlights if the base colour of her hair needs to be more hidden.
A trim after bleach is recommended.

This will make her feel more like herself.
Good luck. This must be costing you a fortune!

Thisismyfirsttime Wed 16-Mar-16 22:30:50

What colour does she want to be OP?
Stop dying with shop bought colours, no more colour remove. Try a vegetable dye like Adore, they do 'natural' colours. Crazy colour do too but it's less effective. Could you post a picture with dd's face obscured?
If you want to dye again use semi perm, give her a fortnight or so as she is washing every other day with Head and Shoulders or Sheer Blonde shampoo and leave a conditioning treatment on for 20 mins or so each time. (Sheer Blonde mask would be good) then she should use a semi perm darker than she wants to be. See how it takes and she may be dark for a few weeks/ months but it needs evening up. Treat it well during this time and it will probably lighten up. It may be a bit patchy but she can correct it without destroying her hair! Keep it up but not tied tightly to hide any patchiness.

IHaveBrilloHair Wed 16-Mar-16 22:37:38
Anything helpful here?
My dd is 14 and wanted her hair colour stripped, the hairdresser said they couldn't do it, and not to have it cut any shorter as that was not a haircut for girlsconfused

IHaveBrilloHair Wed 16-Mar-16 22:40:04

Dd has a pixie cut now, a bright blue one, she looks fabulous.

proseccoandwine Thu 17-Mar-16 09:30:36

Thank you for all your responses, I took a closer look at her hair she has really thick hair as in lots of it but there is some breaking off - not in chunks but more strands of hair, although overall it doesn't look in bad condition. We have been really looking after it conditioner wise. It does need a really good cut but she doesn't want it any shorter as it's prom this year and she wanted an updo - always wears her naturally straight hair down, never ties it up.

There is a Toni and Guy but I know someone who had a similar bad experience, it's amazing how many horror stories I've heard since this happened!

I really don't want to try anything else myself but when I discussed the above suggestions she doesn't want to set foot in a hairdressers for fear of it turning ginger (no offence meant she started this journey to get the red out of her hair - I have red hair). The roots seem to be taking on the orange that colour b4 turned it and the rest is like a muddy greeny brown and therefore too dark for me to put anything lighter on anyway.

I guess I was hoping for a miracle worker hairdresser who could guarantee results sad I was going to do this in the Easter Holidays but she now tells me she has to go into school arghhhhhhhhh!

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