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Affordable yoga pants/ fold down top stretchy trousers

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BettyBi0 Tue 15-Mar-16 12:13:55

Where can I find some? I'm looking for the kind with a wide soft waist band that you fold down and not too tightly fitted on the leg - but not too flared either.

Hopefully I will be able to slouch around the house in them post c-section for the first few weeks during the mass visitation and pretend to be dressed.

Runningupthathill82 Tue 15-Mar-16 12:49:05

Decathlon! They're fab. Mine are grey with a fold down pink top. I bought the capri version and the full length version for lounging about post-birth (and for walking in when nothing else fit!)
Think they're no more than £10. They're comfy,flattering and wash really well (unlike my sainsburys ones which bobbled straight away).

Naicecuppatea Tue 15-Mar-16 14:31:11

I just got some blue ones from Asos, they are made from cotton and I'm very pleased with them, although had to order a size smaller than usual.

CountryRoadTakeMeHome Tue 15-Mar-16 14:54:50

Second Decathlon!

PurpleDaisies Tue 15-Mar-16 14:55:49

I thought I'd be the first one suggesting decathlon! They really are good.

LuckySantangelo1 Tue 15-Mar-16 15:05:20

Matalan! £10!

BettyBi0 Tue 15-Mar-16 15:05:54

Just had a look on the decathlon site. Is it the Domyos ones you guys mean?

Runningupthathill82 Tue 15-Mar-16 15:09:12

Yep, that's them. They're even cheaper than I remembered, too. A bargain!

LBOCS2 Tue 15-Mar-16 15:21:19

I just bought a pair of maternity yoga pants from Mothercare for about a tenner. They've got a foldable waist and are extremely comfortable.

Oly5 Tue 15-Mar-16 19:39:14

White Company do them

StepAwayFromTheThesaurus Tue 15-Mar-16 19:40:38

I got some I'm sainsburys for about £10.

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