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could baby wipes be wrecking my skin?

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allthelemons Mon 14-Mar-16 21:58:00

im late 20's. skin has never been great, spots tend to be giant cyst like monsters/impetego like. it got really greasy & spotty before my first child and never improved now they are 2yr old. skin is dry flaky on forhead, sides of nose and chin have patches that never heal/improve. dr keeps fobbing me off and put me on long term antibiotics once my child was born. i stopped after 6-7months. i've tried so many skin routines and allowing 3-4 months with no improvements. makeup clings to the patches of dry skin regardless of moisturiser etc. exfoliating/leaving alone doesnt seem to make any diff. for about a year i've been using asda baby sensitive fragrence free wipes to remove makeup, could this be one of the problems?
any advice/experience welcomed....

Fairylea Mon 14-Mar-16 22:03:41

I used to work for Clinique and always used baby wipes to remove my make up much to the despair of everyone I met! The one thing I did do however was to wash my face afterwards with a gentle face wash to remove any residue, this seemed to make all the difference - perhaps that might work for you too? I particularly like the Nivea blue face wash and now use the Johnsons make up remover wipes.

sconebonjovi Mon 14-Mar-16 22:05:21

Since the problem has arisen since having your baby it's most likely hormonal. Baby wipes are almost definitely not helping though! What else do you use on your skin?

allthelemons Mon 14-Mar-16 22:09:11

since nov i tried liz earl hot cloth polish & toner. currently on nip+fab dragon blood cleansing pads & simple or cetaphil moisturiser. johnsons purple wipes made a lot of blackheads appear!

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