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Are those micro pedis/Scholl battery pedicure things with the money?

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Oly5 Mon 14-Mar-16 21:27:13

Saw them in Boots. Have very rough skin. Do they do he trick or should I stick with a foot file?

Oly5 Mon 14-Mar-16 21:27:42

Sorry for typos. Worth the money!!

allegretto Mon 14-Mar-16 21:28:47

No! I got one and it just tickles - pediegg cheese grater thingy is much better.

Burgerbobismydad Mon 14-Mar-16 21:29:38

Thought that said micro penis. Who'd pay for one of them?! grin

500internalerror Mon 14-Mar-16 21:33:08

No, it's quicker to do it by hand. They're too gentle, it takes hours.

allthelemons Mon 14-Mar-16 21:33:58

they're not that great. also far cheaper on ebay

DaphneWhitethigh Mon 14-Mar-16 21:36:00

I quite like mine, but I got one with a special offer and 3 free nails inc polishes. Don't ever pay full price.

theclick Mon 14-Mar-16 21:45:07

They're good, I have one, and don't feel a regular need for pedicures. BUT I saw tiger had a copy for £6 so maybe try that first.

theclick Mon 14-Mar-16 21:45:29

And yes I also got mine from Amazon much cheaper

MamaLazarou Mon 14-Mar-16 22:36:05

I don't rate them. They are too gentle for my old hooves.

Oly5 Tue 15-Mar-16 19:33:28

Thanks so much! Gentle is not good. I need the equivalent of a saw. Back to foot files and pedicures it is!

Chicinwellies Tue 15-Mar-16 22:59:36

No ! Best thing I've ever tried over pedegg too is the soap and glory foot file.

TarteAbricot Tue 15-Mar-16 23:06:01

Another vote for soap & glory foot file followed by flexitol heel balm every night

CointreauVersial Tue 15-Mar-16 23:50:57

I bought one on eBay. It's okaaay, but not as amazing as I thought it would be.

lelf79 Wed 16-Mar-16 01:08:19

I agree, i got one last summer and it was good for the first time, then it wasn't the same after that. Also the buzzing sounds really suspicious and my OH kept lurking around asking what i was doing blush

KimmySchmidtsSmile Wed 16-Mar-16 01:12:56

Footner exfoliating socks?!

Toxicity Wed 16-Mar-16 13:44:57

I quite like mine, its dealt with my hard skin no bother. I'd recommend (I have the Scholl one).

GunShotResidue Wed 16-Mar-16 13:53:40

I love mine. I've always had really hard skin on my heels and using a footfile makes my arm ache before I really see a difference. I got the micro-pedi for Christmas and find it much quicker and easier smile

ZaraW Wed 16-Mar-16 16:17:38

I bought one after people raved about them on here. It was a disappointment too gentle and took ages. It was a waste of money.

bakewelltarte Wed 16-Mar-16 17:19:53

I have the scholl one and it sounds like a screaming pig when in use! It's ok as maintenance between pedis but I wouldn't buy another one - files are better

GooseberryRoolz Wed 16-Mar-16 17:21:34

They're fabulous. And addictive. I nearly filed my feet clean off.

I'm surprised posters are saying they are no good.

GooseberryRoolz Wed 16-Mar-16 17:23:32

You do mean these?

Best pedi device ever.

champagneplanet Wed 16-Mar-16 17:27:09

I have the same as gooseberry, it's the best thing I've used on my feet. Don't pay full price though, they're always on offer.

Chicinwellies Wed 16-Mar-16 17:48:43

TarteAbricot ditto to Another vote for soap & glory foot file followed by flexitol heel balm every night! Amazzing. Nothing comes close. Im in flipflops spring/summer and wellies autumn/winter. My feet need this in their lives!

mamacasshadahairyass Wed 16-Mar-16 22:50:08

Ive got one and use the coarsest roller attachment I could get for it, it's a green one, which I bought separately, works a treat for my manky feet.

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