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TeaBelle Mon 14-Mar-16 14:46:12


I love the look of cardigans in the spring, but struggle to look good in them. V neck cardigans seem to suit me best as I am 4"11 with a largish chest (36e).

However I struggle to find ones that look stylish and not baggy, and I don't know what to wear underneath.

Could anyone advise - links to stuff on sale now or just general ideas would be much appreciated smile

WhiteHairReally Mon 14-Mar-16 16:42:09

Have you looked at Woolovers?

Their silk and cotton range are good for spring/British Summer wear. The colours are a bit difficult to discern from the website. I've sent stuff back because it didn't match.

Uniqlo also have V neck merino cardigans in lots of colours at about £30.

I know what you mean about 'fit', especially when you are large of nork.

Underneath I tend to wear a scoop necked T shirt or cami ( if I can be safe in the knowledge that I won't need to take the cardigan off!)

Don't dismiss the round neck cardigan either. Do up the buttons under the norks and you've created a natural V to slim them, whilst still working quite a ladylike vibe.

Land's End Supima cotton cardigans are round necked and good quality if never fashion leaders. They often have 25% off too and sales on previous years' colours.

Good luck in your quest for the perfect cardigan!

rockhopper365 Mon 14-Mar-16 21:16:23

Have you tried Pepperberry? They do a good range of cardigans for the curvier figure, which means they bit better and don't need to be baggy in order to be able to do them up

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