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skype interview HELP!

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Madbythesea Mon 14-Mar-16 10:41:30

I have skype job interview on wed. I've been reading the polished thread and taking some notes.
BUT ive just done a video check and i look awful. My hair is generally a mess so thinking of putting it up.
makeup? I dont wear much usually eyeshadow mascara lipstick.
Do you think i need to put a lot more on thinking eyeliner? I should probably try to get some foundation and blusher as well?

Help! how do you look good on video! I'm almost 40, pale skin, dark brown hair.

Madbythesea Mon 14-Mar-16 19:44:01

bump. please!

libertydoddle Mon 14-Mar-16 19:52:06

I can't advise on make up for video but the angle of your camera and the lighting in the room make a big difference. Make sure the camera is slightly above your eyeline and pointing down (play around with it a bit) and have lots of light, even if it's daytime in a bright room turn the lights on etc.

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